Tal Shima

Tal Shima

Associate Professor

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B.Sc., MA, and Ph.D., all in Aerospace Engineering, Technion (1992, 1998, and 2001, respectively). MBA, Tel-Aviv University (1997). Research/System Engineer, Air-to-Air Directorate, RAFAEL, 2000-2004. National Research Council Research Associate at the US Air Force Research Labs, Wright-Patterson AFB, 2004-2006. At the Technion since 2006.
Director and founder of the Cooperative Autonomous SYstems (CASY) Lab.

Guidance of vehicles, especially missiles and unmanned aircraft, operating individually or as a team. Specific interests are:

  • Geometrical guidance
  • Cooperative guidance
  • Guidance and control of cooperating autonomous aerial, ground, and sea vehicles
  • Intertwined guidance, estimation, and flight control.

Head of the Cooperative Autonomous SYstems (CASY) laboratory.

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