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Request to Reserve a Seminar Slot

Request to Reserve a Seminar Slot

Reserve a seminar slot in two easy steps:

1 – Choose a date

Choose a date for your seminar from the “seminar slots” appearing on the Available Dates calendar below. NOTE: Be sure to reserve your seminar at least three weeks before the planned date.

2 – Fill out the form

 Click here to fill out and submit the Seminar Details form


  • Students are requested to schedule their seminars during the winter or spring semesters.
  • It is preferred that the seminar be given in English.
  • Seminars should be planned for one hour: 45 minutes for the talk, leaving 15 minutes for Q&A.

Please make sure you have the following data for the Seminar form:

  1. The date reserved for the seminar
  2. Title of presentation
  3. Affiliation (Faculty/Program)
  4. Institute
  5. A short abstract (up to 250 words)
  6. Short bio (to be used to introduce the speaker)
  7. If you are a student, please state the degree you are studying towards, the name, academic title, and affiliation of your advisor(s). Please also confirm that your advisor has approved the abstract.


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