Space Programs: Why and How

Dmitry Payson
Ex-Roscosmos, Ex-Sberbank, Ex-Skolkovo Foundation

The presentation provides an overview of the space program and industry system research and education efforts performed in recent years. It is concentrated at Why’s and How’s of the national space program and industry restructuring efforts and corresponded institutional design exercises. Basically, this lecture summarizes the efforts of building ‘the space program with the human face’. The key topics include (1) A practical example of the national space industry restructuring effort in 2010-2015; (2) Actual issues of the space markets’ modelling; (3) An overview of the public goods concept application to the space economics; (4) Skolkovo, a brave endeavor for the private space greenfield. In additional, the vision of the actual economic research topics will be provided addressing the current international space market and industry development, like New Space, space resources commercialization et al.

The talk will be given in English

Mon, 30-05-2022, 13:30-14:30 (Gathering at 13:30)

Classroom 165, ground floor, Library, Aerospace Eng. &

Light refreshments will be served after the lecture at the lounge

Space Programs: Why and How