SPALO – הודף מוצק מועשר במחמצן נוזלי – מחזון למציאות

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The SPALO is a new class of solid propellants, augmented by storable liquid oxidizers. Their structure is similar to conventional solid propellants; however, instead of solid oxidizer particles they contain small liquid oxidizer units. Thus, the SPALO behaves like a solid propellant, but its Isp is higher by 10% and more compared to conventional solid propellants, indicating a potential to be the next “big thing” in the propulsion field.

This research aims to promote the SPALO concept towards a real propellant. Various chemical and mechanical methods to produce these small liquid oxidizer units have been investigated. We have found a number of ways to lock the liquid oxidizer, as will be presented.

A major outcome of this research is a novel powerful theoretical formulation and calculation tool – a Modified Thermal Resistance Model (MTRM). The MTRM enables solving relatively easily one-dimensional, quasi-steady heat transfer problems involving heat sources from chemical reactions or phase transition, using thermal resistors. Solution of combustion of a liquid droplet and a liquid fuel contained within a porous particle will be demonstrated.

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SPALO – Solid Propellant Augmented by a Liquid Oxidizer: from vision to reality…