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Canister Launched Observation UAV

Canister Launched Observation UAV

  • D. Dagan, Y. Dagan, A. Desyatkov, A. Edelman, S. Eitan, Z. Eliyahu, R. M. Shaked, L. Rosentzvit, I. Farbman
  • Dror Artzi
Canister Launched Observation UAV

The goal of the project was to design a canister launched UAV with high payload to MTOW ratio and with long endurance. Its unique set of properties places it in the global market.   The MONGuard has two cameras and an additional payload of more than 6 [kg] available for the customer. It can loiter over the target area for more than 6.5 hours.   During the project the UAV configuration was designed and the inner components were chosen and positioned inside the UAV.   A 1:0.45 scale flying model was designed, built and flown with great success. A major issue in the project was launching the UAV from a canister (500x500x2500 [mm]). In order to fit a UAV inside a canister the aerodynamic surfaces must be designed to occupy minimal volume while the UAV is stored.

 After surveying the literature and brain storming two approaches were studied:

 1. Inflatable surfaces

 2. Folding surfaces After grading the approaches, and calculating the grades the folding surfaces approach was chosen, mainly due to the development risk involved in the inflatable surfaces approach. 
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