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ClockSat – Nanosatellite for Space Qualification

ClockSat – Nanosatellite for Space Qualification

  • C. Badria, L. Ben-Gad, R. Hajaj, A. Imberman, R. Isakov, A. Kanelbaum, I. Likin, A. Malka, G. Naor, Y. Rabin, A. Renik, S. Shlifer
  • Dr. Oded Golan
  • D. Alkalay
ClockSat – Nanosatellite for Space Qualification

ClockSat is a nano-satellite designed to perform in orbit tests and checks, thus granting the atomic clock space qualifications. With dimensions of 10x10x20 cm3 and weighing less than 3 kg, the satellite is planned to be carried into orbit as a piggyback onboard a preplanned launch for a main payload. The ground station will be constructed and based at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.  Multiple passes every day will make uplink and downlink possible. It is designed to orbit at about 800 km, with attitude determination using magnetometers, GPS and Sun sensors, and attitude control using only magnetorquers as actuators. ClockSat will be the first in a series of nano-satellites designed to grant space qualifications for small hardware parts.

Two different suggestions for satellite solar array configurations were proposed and analyzed: the first, a conventional configuration in which the solar panels are deployed using regular momentum strings. The second is an innovative inflatable solar array that can eliminate the satellites need for Sun pointing. Eventually, the more conventional deployable solar array system was chosen.



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