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Electric aircraft: D2R –Dreams to Reality

Electric aircraft: D2R –Dreams to Reality

  • Oz Saar, Tomer Meir, Yana Geras, Mor Rosenheim, Lior Matzkevitz, Shira Gros, David Kamoun, Inna Stepanova, Asaf Granot.
  • Shlomo Tsach
Electric aircraft: D2R –Dreams to Reality

Today the flight industry contributes 2% of the world's carbon emissions. Till 2050 it is expected to get up to 3%. This paper presents the solution for the problem – the design of a 50 passengers electrical motorized aircraft – D2R. Creating a new innovative, multi discipline and feasible design. In order to overcome propulsion challenges, such as an energy source with a sufficient  energy density, it introduces a solution of Li-Air batteries and super conducting materials. As the aircraft weight can not be predicted with a sufficient certainty due to unfamiliar power and propulsion systems, the aircraft was designed to have 95% of its body structure made of composite materials, which shows high performances in many aspects. D2R is a regional aircraft design which can get up to 1000nm range because of a higher than average aspect ratio. The combination of electrical propulsion and aviation is not simple, but possible and should be on the flight industry's agenda.

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