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Marom – High Altitude Platform for Wind Power Generator

Marom – High Altitude Platform for Wind Power Generator

  • E. Aronhime, Z. Baratz, A. Ben-Neriah, L. Bernstein, E. Carmel, P. Davidovich, H. Garih, A. Gerassi, S. Greenberg, Z. Jaraczewer
  • Dr. Isaac Kadushin
Marom – High Altitude Platform for Wind Power Generator

Both world aspiration for an ecological, clean environment and a constant rise in fuel prices increase the demand for "green renewable" energy. Wind energy is one of the biggest sources of it. Mankind has always searched for the energy source he required in the place where it was most abundant. On the edge techniques were developed for reaching fossil fuel many kilometers deep into the ground. Wind energy development reveals a totally different picture. Standard solution for harnessing wind energy, such as wind turbine, uses the non-continuous, low speed wind that is found at the turbine tower height.

 The Marom project's aim is to harness the energy stored in high speed jet stream wind by raising a platform for wind power generation to high altitudes. The project requirements take into account the location of the jet stream winds along with retaining the "green" aspect of the project:

  • Generated Power : 500 KW at wind power density of 5 KW/ m2 ,  200 KW at wind power density of 2 KW/ m2.
  • Platform autonomous rise and hover at 10 km altitude. 
  • No fuel usage
  • The electricity is transferred to the ground by cable.
  • Voltage on the cable conductor – 30 [kV].
  • Desired ground trace length – max 2 [km].  

The platform is based on the autogyro concept. The cyclogyro configuration was also checked at the preliminary design stage. Finally it was decided not to pursue with the development of this concept.

Platform and Cable detailed design include aerodynamic calculations, structure analysis, control system configuration and take-off and landing aspects. Simplified wind tunnel model was built and tested to demonstrate Marom's ability of hovering while generating electricity autonomously.


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