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Flow Physics Lab

Flow Physics Lab

Our research focuses on theoretical and computational investigations of flow physics, with specific emphasis on instability and transition to turbulence. The common thread guiding our research is using a minimal number of elements to describe physical phenomena. Therefore, canonical settings, where the effects of various parameters can be isolated, are often analyzed.

Investigations of flow physics provide us with guidelines for controlling the flow and avoiding undesirable phenomena (e.g., stall, noise, and vibrations), leading to safer, quieter, and more efficient aerial vehicles with lower drag and fuel consumption.

Our tools include in-house and open-source solvers for solutions of incompressible and compressible Navier-Stokes equations. Fully nonlinear and linearized variants are available.


The flow physics lab seeks motivated MSc, Ph.D., and Postdoctoral candidates. Candidates should have strong fundamentals in fluid mechanics and mathematics. The ideal candidate will have self-learning abilities and an avid interest in understanding physical phenomena. High-level computer skills and experience with HPC platforms are desirable.


Candidates are expected to submit a cover letter along with their CVs.


The flow physics lab is headed by Assis. Prof. Michael Karp. Our lab is in the wind tunnel complex, room 411 (next to the control room).



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