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Gvahim Excellence Program

Gvahim Excellence Program

The new GVAHIM (“Heights”) program offers studies in direct track for a master’s degree. The program was established for outstanding undergraduate students who wish to be integrated into research and undergraduate studies. It aims to encourage excellence and empower the future generation of promising aerospace engineers and researchers.

During their third year of study, GVAHIM students will integrate into undergraduate research projects under the guidance of a faculty member.  By the end of that year, eligible students will enroll in graduate school and will begin their master’s degree studies at the same time as completing their undergraduate degree.

Benefits for students in the new GVAHIM program:

  • Full tuition scholarship in the third and fourth years of certification studies.
  • A living scholarship.
  • Internship scholarship and an additional monthly scholarship during graduate studies (up to four semesters).
  • For those pursuing a doctorate – scholarships for another year and travel support to present the research at an international conference.

Admission criteria for the new GVAHIM program:

  • Beginners of the third school year.
  • Those who completed the recommended program.
  • Have a cumulative average of 88 and above.

The program will select individuals through an admission interview.

Meet our GVAHIM Students.

For more details, please contact the GVAHIM Program Coordinator:

Dr. Yuval Dagan



The New Gvahim program is supported by:

* The program is offered to students who are not on the ATUDA track

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