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Research Projects

Research Projects

A Research Project is an elective course. It is designed to train outstanding students in independent work of experimental or theoretical research in the last year of their studies. The students work closely with faculty members, who give them a subject for the project. Each student conducts the research under the guidance of a faculty member and summarizes its results in a final report, which is submitted to his/her advisor.

Project Title
  Tal Shima Naama Porat Cooperative Geometrical Rules and Guidance Laws for Simultaneous Target Interception
  Moshe Idan, Gil Iosilevslii Mike Manashero PTOL – Point Takeoff Landing
  Alon Gany Elinor Kostjukovsky Aluminum Life Cycle in Process of Hydrogen and Electric Energy Production from Aluminum-Water Reaction
  Naama Aliskevicius Oksana Stalnov Characterization of Unsteady Laminar Separation Bubble on Pitching NACA0018
  Iliya Milman Michael Karp Shock-Fitting Computational Method for the Inviscid Blunt-Body Problem 
  Maayan Shimoni Anna Clarke Hourly Scale Model of Wind Magnitude and Direction Based on Statistical Analysis
   Rayan MISHRA  Beni Cukurel Design of Porous Media Combustor with Structured and Stochastic Lattice Structures
   Tom Itzhaki  Vitaly Shaferman Optimal Low-Thrust Collision Avoidance
   Sagi Dinisman   Alon Gany Parametric investigation of a hybrid motor with a helical port
   Amit Sigawi  Jacob Cohen, Michael Karp Transition to Turbulence in a Pipe – Part A – Simulation of Algebraic Growth of Perturbations
   Idan Ceausu  Yuval Dagan Particle-Surface Wave Interactions: A Hydrodynamic Analog of Quantum Mechanics
   Sahar Shachar  Joseph Z. Ben-Asher Trajectory simulation and investigation of uncertainty effects on a three-stage rocket designed by Rafael
   Michael Ushakov  Alexandros Terzis Experimental investigation of capillary thermodynamics in fibrous materials
   Yoran Mitz  Oksana Stalnov Acoustic Detection of Quadcopters in Hover with Ground-Based Microphones
   Dana Moses  Benni Natan Bypass Air Injection Methods in a Boron-Loaded Solid Fuel Ramjet
   Boaz Ofarim  Yuval Dagan Analytical investigation of Faraday waves in Hele-Shaw cells
   Amir Israel   Michael Karp, Yuval Levy Turbulence Modeling Using Deep Learning
   Iliya Milman   Michael Karp An Investigation of the Supersonic Blunt-Body Problem
   Or Nataf  Vitaly Shaferman Optimal Linear Quadratic Powered Descent With An Intermediate Point
   Or Nahum  Vitaly Shaferman Optimal-control-based Algorithms for Low-Thrust Docking with a Constrained Approach Direction
   Or Nahum  Vitaly Shaferman Target Interception with Time-Varying Acceleration Constraints
   Ofir Vaknin  Moshe Idan Survey of Control Methods for Hypersonic Vehicles
  Geva Nagar Dan Michaels Supersonic Mixing Enhancement Concepts
  Mishley, Adi Vitaly Shaferman Differential Games Guidance with an Intercept Angle Constraint and Varying Speed Adversaries
  Shachar, Sahar Joseph Z. Ben-Asher Trajectory simulation and investigation of uncertainty effects on a three-stage rocket designed by Rafael
  Efrati, Ron Dan Givoli Hybrid 3D-2D Modeling of Wave Problems
  Goldin, Roni Benni Natan Hypergolic Ignition of Kerosene Gel with Hydrogen Peroxide for Rocket Motors
  Ceausu, Idan Yuval Dagan Parametric Study of Particle-SurfaceWave Interactions: A Hydrodynamic Analog of Relativistic Quantum Dynamics
  Haber, Ori Oksana Stalnov Modeling of Tonal Noise Component in Propellers
  Liu, Zhixuan Daniel Weihs Liquid Fuel Behavior in a Spacecraft Fuel Tank During Acceleration/Deceleration
  Barlell, Edo Oksana Stalnov Development of an algorithm to track a moving acoustic source
  Yechieli, Noam Raveh Daniella Aeroservoelastic Stability   Investigation  of The A3TB
  Braun, Ido Yossi Ben Asher Research and Analysis of The Learning Solutions Provided for The Brachistochrone Problem 
  Dayan, David Moshe Idan Performance Analysis of a 3-D Terrain Following System
  Hai, Hadar Dan Michaels Combustion Stability in a Ramjet Engine
  Levy, Tomer Itzhak Moshe Idan Transportation of a Slung Load using Multiple Quadrotor UAVs while maintaining a Constant Altitude
  Rosen, Matar Igal Kronhaus The Influence of Cathodic Arc Jet on Separated Subsonic Flow Over Backward Facing Step
  Sassy, Guy Pini Gurfil Vision-Aided Navigation for Pinpoint Landing on the Moon
  Torbiner, Ori Gil Iosilevskii Aircraft Performing a Ground Circle with Presence of Wind
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