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All the reasons to study aerospace engineering at the Technion

All the reasons to study aerospace engineering at the Technion

Interested in study ing aerospace engineering at the Technion?

Join the expanding Aeronautics and Astronautics fields by enrolling in the Technion world leading AE department.

Aerospace engineers are engaged in the development, design, manufacturing, operation, flight control, and maintenance of aerospace systems in both the atmosphere and space, such as aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, propulsion systems, rockets, and spacecraft. They are also involved in the development of aviation and space science infrastructure as part of engineering sciences.

Technion’s AE program graduates encounter a wide array of opportunities, secure well-paying positions, and have the opportunity to work and develop cutting-edge technologies in a field of their choice:

  • Laboratory experiments
  • Computer software development for aerospace applications
  • Analytical and mathematical work in the field of aerospace and space sciences
  • Systems design
  • Project management


aerospace department students and labs


The AE Department prepares engineers for industry challenges, offering a strong theoretical and experimental foundation. Students gain scientific knowledge and develop economic and managerial skills to become systems engineers, industry leaders, and project managers in their careers.

The curriculum consists of acquiring knowledge and skills in key areas of aeronautics and astronautics such as: aerodynamics and acoustics, structures, propulsion, Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC), system Engineering and more. Towards the end of their studies, students have the option to deepen their knowledge in selected areas of their choice.

For those interested in further deepening their scientific knowledge, the department encourages graduate studies in all aerospace engineering-related disciplines toward MSc, ME, and PhD degrees.

Check out the Technion’s bachelor’s degree registration and admission website
for further information about admission to Aerospace Engineering studies.



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