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Wave Mechanics and Metamaterials Laboratory

Wave Mechanics and Metamaterials Laboratory

The Wave Mechanics and Metamaterials Laboratory develops novel light-weight materials and structures for protection from undesirable vibrations and noise in Aerospace Industry. All research activities in the laboratory are supervised by Asst. Prof. Pavel I. Galich.

Currently, the fundamental challenge is to understand how elastic waves propagating in magnetoelastic solids are affected by high magnetic fields (> 1 T), and then to employ this knowledge for the creation of the adaptive acoustic metamaterials and devices such as silencers, vibration dampers, acoustic diodes, unidirectional reflectors, etc.

Experimental capabilities

Waves in solids

We can perform transmission loss measurements for longitudinal [pressure] and transverse [shear] waves for a wide range of ultrasonic frequencies (i.e. 0.02-5 MHz).

Waves in air

We can determine sound absorption coefficient, surface impedance, and transmission loss, according to ISO or ASTM for a wide range of frequencies (i.e. 0.05–6.4 kHz).

Waves in magnetoelastic solids: tba


Have you never heard about Acoustic Metamaterials?
Are you a curious student loving to explore new worlds?
Do you think that you can deal with high magnetic fields?

Then, you are welcome to visit our lab, learn about our research projects, and maybe even build your own experimental apparatus for understanding mechanics of elastic waves in magnetoactive composites!

Wave at us to hear more about research opportunities in Wave Mechanics and Metamaterials Laboratory, or contact Dr. Pavel Galich at
Our lab is located at Aerospace Structures 302, 304-305.

P.S. You will get a phononic crystal if you spot all the easter eggs hidden in our logo 😉

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