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Guidance, Navigation, Control (GN&C), and Autonomous Systems

Guidance, Navigation, Control (GN&C), and Autonomous Systems

GN&C are an integral part of the aerospace industry. They include the process of directing, controlling, and guiding the motion of aerospace vehicles, including aircrafts and spacecrafts.

Through sensors, computers and actuators, GN&C provides the necessary feedback to ensure that the vehicle remains on its intended path and can complete its mission as planned.  Pilots and astronauts utilize this control system for guidance during takeoff and landing, as well as for navigation in flight and in space. The system’s accuracy is essential to ensure the vehicle’s and its passengers’ safety.

To achieve accuracy, GN&C systems must incorporate a variety of sensors, such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). These sensors supply information that the vehicle uses to calculate its precise position and velocity. The vehicle GN&C system then employs this data to control its attitude and direction.

Key GN&C research areas:

  • Missile Guidance
  • Navigation (including computer vision-aided and autonomous navigation)
  • Flight Control
  • State and Parameter Estimation
  • System Identification
  • Fault Detection and Identification
  • Control of Networked Systems
  • Man-Machine Systems

Graduate Research Opportunities

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