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Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Discover Research Opportunities in Aerospace Engineering, at the AE faculty in the Technion.

The Aerospace Department at the Technion dedicates itself to creating, expanding, and disseminating ideas and knowledge in the aerospace sciences. The faculty commits to fostering interdisciplinary research and addressing the grand challenges facing our society.

Our research and academic achievements are well recognized globally, with the department ranked among the top Aerospace Engineering departments in the world.

We invite highly-motivated students to pursue a higher degree and conduct research in a range of aerospace-related research areas. Successful candidates will receive a competitive stipend as their salary in accordance with graduate school regulations.

For further details regarding the different research fields and other relevant information about Research Opportunities in Aerospace Engineering, please refer below.

Multiple Advantages
Advanced Research topics
M.Sc. & Ph.D. Studies
Scholarship / Tuition-free
World Leading AE Faculty
Research With Us
Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, and Aeroacoustics
Guidance, Navigation, Control, and Autonomous Systems

Missile Guidance, Navigation (including computer vision-aided and autonomous navigation), Flight Control, State and Parameter Estimation, System Identification, Fault Detection, and Identification, Control of Networked Systems, Man-Machine Systems.

Analysis and design of networked and multi-agent systems – Open Position
Guidance-Open Positions
Autonomous Navigation and Perception – Open Positions
 Autonomous Vehicles & Human-Machine Interfaces

Propulsion and Combustion

Jet Propulsion, Rocket Propulsion including Solid, Gel and Hybrid Propellants, Ramjet Engines, Combustion Processes, Energy and Heat Transfer, Electric Space Propulsion, Downscaling of Engines and Propulsion Systems for Micro-Aircraft’s Applications.

Turbomachinery Positions
Heat Transfer Positions
Measurements Techniques Positions
Renewable Fuels – Open Position
Combustion Science – Open Position
Hybrid Rocket Propellants – Open Position
Faculty Position in High-Speed Airair-Vehicle Sciences


Astrodynamics, satellite attitude determination and control, nanosatellite design, spacecraft trajectory optimization, spacecraft constellations and formations, celestial mechanics, space navigation, global navigation satellite systems, mission design.

In all the above areas there is a possibility of conducting analytical, experimental or computational research. The Faculty is well-equipped with advanced laboratories and computer facilities. Graduate students may also use the Technion’s advanced computer systems.

General detailed information for all graduates for higher degrees can be found on the site of the Graduate School. Detailed information for prospective applicants can found under the heading “Prospective applicants“.

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