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Structures and Solid Mechanics

Structures and Solid Mechanics

Structures and Solid Mechanics in aerospace engineering is a field of study that focuses on designing, analyzing, and constructing aircraft and spacecraft structures. This type of engineering is essential for their safe and efficient operation and it involves the study of structural materials, aerodynamic loads, structural dynamics, as well as the application of fundamentals of physics and mathematics to understand their behavior.

Aerospace engineering is an interdisciplinary field that draws upon a diverse array of engineering disciplines. These include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. Yet, at its core, aerospace engineering places significant emphasis on structural design, which ensures the safety, performance, and cost-effectiveness of aircraft and spacecraft.

To design and analyze structures, engineers must understand the principles of solid mechanics, which is the study of the behavior of solid materials under loads. This includes material stress and strain, deformation, fracture, fatigue, and creep. In addition, engineers must also be familiar with aerodynamics principles, which studies how fluid interacts with an object. This includes topics such as lift and drag. By combining an understanding of solid mechanics and aerodynamics, aerospace engineers can design and analyze aircraft and spacecraft structures.

Key Structures and Solid Mechanics research areas:

  • Solid Mechanics
  • Finite Elements
  • Composite Structures and Materials
  • Durability and Failure
  • Smart Structures
  • Wave Mechanics and Metamaterials
  • 3D Printing


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