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Master of Engineering Template Page

Master of Engineering Template Page

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering offers a Master of Engineering (ME) degree as a non-research oriented graduate degree. The ME degree provides a broad curriculum of courses spanning all disciplines with Aerospace engineering. The degree is aimed at preparing graduates for careers in the aerospace industry or related fields.

Two Degree Options

Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering

This degree option is intended for students that studied aerospace engineering as an undergraduate. Students without an aerospace degree can still choose this degree by completing additional courses (details below).

Master of Engineering


This degree is intended for students without an aerospace engineering undergraduate degree.

Admission Requirements

All ME and ME AE applicants must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Students holding a degree from a 3 year program will be required to take up to an additional 20.5 credits of coursework, determined by the aerospace graduate studies committee.

Applicants applying for the ME AE degree without an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering may also be required to complete an additional 20 credits of coursework, determined by the aerospace graduate studies committee.

All interested applicants must complete and submit the Technion application form.

Our faculty has the following additional admission requirements:

  • A minimum GPA of 80 (based only on technical courses).

International Students

The GRE exam is optional, but encouraged, for international applicants.  Interested applicants should contact the Aerospace graduate studies office ( for further details.

Completion Requirements

Completion of the ME or ME in AE degrees includes both coursework and a project.  Program details can be found on the Technion graduate school website.

Admitted students that are required to take additional coursework as determined by the Aerospace graduate studies committee can find a list of potential courses here.

The credit requirements for the degree are summarized below:

  • 36 credit points coursework
  • 6 credit points project work

Degree Duration

Students are expected to complete the ME degree within 8 semesters.

Transfer from ME to MSc

Exceptional ME students may transfer to the MSc program if they meet the following requirements:

  • Student has accumulated a minimum of 12 credits with an average grade of at least 85.
  • Find an MSc advisor and submit a research proposal.

Students who are not graduates of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering might be required to take prerequisite courses in accordance with the recommendations of the Graduate Studies Committee.


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