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Master of Science Template Page

Master of Science Template Page

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering offers a Master of Science (MSc) degree as a research-oriented graduate degree. The MSc degree will prepare and guide students towards careers in academia, industry, and government.  It includes a broad curriculum of courses spanning all disciplines within Aerospace engineering, and culminates with a research-oriented thesis.



Two Degree Options

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering


This degree option is intended for students that studied aerospace engineering as an undergraduate. Students without an aerospace degree can still choose this degree by completing additional courses (details below).

Master of Science


This degree is intended for students without an aerospace engineering undergraduate degree.

Three Completion Tracks

The MSc and MSc in AE degrees have 3 different degree tracks.

The research track aims to train students in basic research methodologies. This includes conducting research within a defined scope and presenting your findings in final thesis. The research can be theoretical or experimental, focusing on fundamental or applied aspects of Aerospace engineering.
The comprehensive engineering project track aims to train students in engineering design methods. Compared to the research track, this track emphasizes the practical engineering approach to problem solving. The project will be an extensive engineering project devoted to engineering design, theoretical or critical engineering analysis, lab or field experimentation.
The final paper track aims to synthesize the student’s acquired knowledge by applying theoretical concepts to address practical problems. Compared to the research or final project track, this track is narrower in scope and can be theoretical, computational, or experimental.
Admission Requirements

All MSc and MSc AE applicants must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Students holding a degree from a 3 year program will be required to take up to an additional 20.5 credits of coursework, determined by the aerospace graduate studies committee.

Applicants applying for the MSc AE degree without an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering may also be required to complete an additional 20 credits of coursework, determined by the aerospace graduate studies committee.

All interested applicants must complete and submit the Technion application form.

Our faculty has the following additional admission requirements:

  • A minimum GPA of 83 (based only on technical courses).
  • A reference letter.
  • A research statement.
    The research statement is 1-2 page document meant to give the admissions committee an insight into your academic achievements and goals.  The document should give a concise summary of your academic background and your research interests and goals.  If you are in contact with a potential advisor, please also describe this interaction.

Merit Scholarships

The Faculty will award a number of merit scholarships to excellent applicants.  Scholarship winners will receive a tuition waiver and a subsistence scholarship (meeting the Graduate school criteria) for the first semester of their graduate studies.  It is required that during this time the student will find a faculty advisor for the remainder of their studies.

All other applicants expected to be in contact with a potential advisors for their MSc studies. Faculty advisors who agree to supervise must submit a letter of interest.  This is a requirement for admission to the program.

International Students

The GRE exam is optional, but encouraged, for international applicants.  Interested applicants should contact the Aerospace graduate studies office ( for further details.

International students are also eligible for the merit scholarship outlined above.

All admission decisions are determined by the Technion graduate school and the Aerospace graduate studies committee.

Completion Requirements

Completion of the MSc or MSc in AE degrees includes both coursework and research.  Program details can be found on the Technion graduate school website.

Admitted students that are required to take additional coursework as determined by the Aerospace graduate studies committee can find a list of potential courses here.

A summary of the degree requirements for each of the study tracks is provided below.

Final Paper
Coursework 22 credits 22 credits 30 credits
Research 20 credits 20 credits 12 credits

Research Proposal

All admitted students (including merit scholarship awardees) must submit a research proposal by the end of their first semester.  Guidelines for writing the research proposal can be found here.

Graduate Seminar

All MSc students are required to hold a seminar presenting their final results.

Degree Duration

Students receiving scholarships (internal) are expected to complete the MSc degree within 4 semesters.

Students not receiving scholarships (external) are expected to complete the MSc degree within 8 semesters.



Accepted full-time students receive a tuition waiver and a subsistence scholarship (meeting the Graduate school criteria).

Scholarships are available for MSc students with high academic achievements. Scholarships are awarded in portions (1-7) of different amount. Currently they range from 240-300$ per portion. Scholarships carry a full or partial tuition waiver and are awarded for a period of 24 months (depending on the field of studies).

Scholarship information including criteria, duration, etc. can be found here.

Continuing to PhD Studies

Excellent MSc studies have an opportunity to transition to a PhD degree.  There are two different options to pursue this path.

PhD Direct Track


  • currently enrolled as an MSc student in the research track
  • strong academic record, indicated by a high GPA in your coursework
  • current research has the potential to be expanded into a PhD work
  • recommendation by current advisor and the graduate studies committee

Transfers are only possible within your current department and with the same advisor(s).

PhD Special Track

The PhD special track is an excellence track designed for candidates holding a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering, who have completed their bachelor’s degree with honors (GPA of at least 90), or who have been on the president’s list in the last 4 semesters of their study, and have demonstrated exceptional research ability during their undergraduate studies.

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