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The Israel National Science Foundation (ISF) announced the names of the grantees for the 2021 cycle.

Among the winners of sciences and technology research grants are five Aerospace Engineering faculty members:

• Asst. Prof. Michael Karp, for the study of three-dimensional flow instabilities of oscillating airfoils at low Reynolds numbers. Learn more about his research at:

• Asst. Prof. Alexandros Terzis, for the research project entitled: Interface-driven multiphase transport processes in porous media and crossflow interactions: From micro-scopic scale upwards. Learn more about his research at:

• Assoc. Prof. Ian Jacobi for his research project on the use of self-propelled particles for mixing enhancement in complex flows. Learn more about Prof. Jacobi’s research at:

• Assoc. Prof. Avshalom Manela, study of flow detachment phenomena in microchannel gas flows. Learn more about Prof. Manela’s research at:

• Prof. Tal Shima, Dean of the Faculty, Grant for the Advancement of Geometric Rules and Guidelines for Cooperative Persecution. Learn more about Prof. Shima’s research at:

In addition, Dr. Karp and Dr. Terzis won the equipment grants, dedicated to new faculty members.

Prof. Tal Shima, Assoc. Prof. Avshalom Manela, Assoc. Prof. Ian Jacobi, Asst. Prof. Alexandros Terzis, Asst. Prof. Michael Karp

ISF is the main body supporting breakthrough basic science in Israel, based on scientific excellence within the different fields of knowledge, in a wide variety of funding opportunities.


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