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Salman Nabwani – Technion’s Outstanding Employee

Salman Nabwani – Technion’s Outstanding Employee


Salman Nbwani has been a lab technician of the Turbomachinery and Heat Transfer Laboratory since January 2016. Ever since Salman started working, he invested significant efforts in rearranging and organizing the workspace, learning advanced experimental systems and optimizing various processes in the laboratory.

Salman devoted himself to this goal and managed to achieve numerous excellent results. Currently, Salman’s main areas of responsibility include technical and engineering support of all ongoing experiments and relevant facilities, operation and maintenance of the various unique laboratory equipment, enforcement of safety protocols, interaction with suppliers and contractors and more.

Upon appointment of Assoc. Prof. Beni Cukurel as the head of the laboratory, Salman assisted in establishing a new state-of-the-art experimental center, including a range of innovative technological platforms that facilitate numerous experimental efforts, supported by both Israeli and International agencies (ERC, Minerva, IMOD, US Army and others). Since then, the center absorbed dozens of researchers, postdoctoral fellows and students who consider it their academic home.


Throughout his time in the lab, Salman showed his determination towards further

professional development that would maximize his aid to laboratory research. Therefore, Salman’s conduct is always serious and responsible in every aspect of his work – both in simple technical tasks and in any complex engineering jobs, which require self-study of a wide range of subjects. Moreover, Salman’s professional qualities are coupled with a pleasant and modest personality. Salman is always happy to help his colleagues and during the time of his employment, he became a key member of the laboratory staff. Overall, the Turbomachinery and Heat Transfer Laboratory has gained an outstanding employee, with an exceptional commitment to the research center, the lab, the faculty and the Technion. Considering his professional conduct and high-quality output, Salman deserves recognition and he was thus chosen to receive the Technion’s outstanding employee award.

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