Shani Elitzur Gave a Plenary Lecture at Alpbach Technology Symposium, Austria

Shani Elitzur was invited to deliver a Plenary Lecture at the Alpbach Technology symposium,  which took place in Alpbach, Austria, on August 25-27, 2016.

Israeli flag at Alpbach 2016      Shani Elitzur at Alpbach

Shani’s talk was on the subject of her PhD’s research on hydrogen production from the reaction of aluminum and water and its application in fuel cells for generation of electric energy. She received the invitation after winning 3rd place at the international “Falling Walls Lab” competition for innovative research by young scientists, that was held in Berlin in November 2015.

During the Alpbach Symposium, Shani also experienced the special opportunity of talking about her research with local school girls.

Shani with school girls, Alpbach 2016

Shani is a PhD student at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering, under the supervision of Professor Emeritus Alon Gany and Dr. Valery Rosenband.