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The Faculty’s 1st Annual Concert

The Faculty’s 1st Annual Concert


The Faculty’s 1st annual concert took place on March 29, 2017.  This concert was an initiative of Asst. Prof. Avshalom Manela and faculty members, students and employees took an active part in it.

It stirred a lot of interest and the auditorium quickly filled up.

A full auditorium, awaiting to opening of the concert  The auditorium is full of faculty members, students and employees  The audience at the concert  The audience at the concert

We were also honored to have Senior Executive Vice President, Prof. Adam Swartz, play us a tune while people were finding their seats.

Senior Executive Vice President, Prof. Adam Swartz, at the piano

To view the concert program with the full list of the artists and the pieces they performed, please click on the image below:The Faculty's 1st Annual Concert's program

Here are the performers, in order of appearance:

Lee Nudel - Vocals & Pini Gurfil - Piano          Alon Preger - Vocals & Michal Tsirulnikov - Piano

Assoc. Prof. Moshe Idan on the guitar          Nir Emuna on the ukulele

Prof. Dani Givoli on the piano          Omer Cohen - Drums, Piano & Vocals (here on the drums)

Roni Yonesh - Vocals & Yuval Giari - Guitar          Avshalom Manela at the piano

Asst. Prof. Avshalom Manela at the mic, summing up the concert

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