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Maxim Freydin


Biographical Data

B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering (2017, Technion), Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering (direct track, started at Duke University, graduated at the Technion, 2021). Research consultant to Professor Earl H. Dowell (2021-2024). VP of R&D at ALMA Technologies (2022-2023).

Main areas of research

  • Fluid-thermal-structure interaction (FTSI) in supersonic flow
  • Fluid-structure interaction with acoustic coupling
  • Theoretical and computational methods in FTSI
  • Stability of elastic plates

Selected publications

  • Freydin, M., Dowell, E.H., Varigonda, S.V. and Narayanaswamy, V., 2022. Response of a plate with piezoelectric elements to turbulent pressure fluctuation in supersonic flow. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 114.
  • Freydin, M. and Dowell, E.H., 2021. Fully coupled nonlinear aerothermoelastic computational model of a plate in hypersonic flow. AIAA Journal, 59(7).
  • Freydin, M. and Dowell, E.H., 2021. Nonlinear theoretical aeroelastic model of a plate: free to fixed in-plane boundaries. AIAA Journal, 59(2).
  • Freydin, M., Dowell, E.H., Spottswood, S.M. and Perez, R.A., 2021. Nonlinear dynamics and flutter of plate and cavity in response to supersonic wind tunnel start. Nonlinear Dynamics, 103(4).
  • Freydin, M., Levin, D., Dowell, E.H., Vaibhav Varigonda, S. and Narayanaswamy, V., 2020. Natural frequencies of a heated plate: Theory and experiment. AIAA Journal, 58(11).
  • Freydin, M., Rattner, M.K., Raveh, D.E., Kressel, I., Davidi, R. and Tur, M., 2019. Fiber-optics-based aeroelastic shape sensing. AIAA Journal, 57(12).
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