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Vassilis Theofilis

Vassilis Theofilis


Biographical Data


1984 BSc Physics, U Patras, Greece
1988 MSc Applied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics, U Manchester, UK
1991 PhD Aeronautical Engineering, U Manchester, UK
1991-96: Post-Doc Dept of Applied Mathematics, U Twente, Netherlands


1997 Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, DLR Göttingen, Germany
2003 Ramón y Cajal Senior Research Fellowship, U Politécnica Madrid, Spain
2018 Ludwig Prandtl Memorial Lecture, T U Munich, Germany

Main areas of research

My interests lie in the understanding, prediction and control of physical mechanisms underlying laminar flow linear and nonlinear instability and laminar-turbulent transition from the incompressible to the hypersonic regime. In my early career I pioneered theoretical/numerical developments to address instability of flows with multiple inhomogeneous spatial directions based on the continuum flow equations. Motivated by increased global interest in hypersonic flow physics phenomena, in recent years I have turned my attention to the intersection of statistical and continuum descriptions of hypersonic flows in the upper stratosphere and lower mesosphere and employ integrated theoretical and experimental methods to advance fundamental flow physics knowledge, paving the way for next-generation flight vehicles.

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