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Flying Susita: A Flying Car for Civilian Use

Flying Susita: A Flying Car for Civilian Use

  • L. Miller, A. Romm, S. S. Nahum, T. Grozman, H. Tor, R. Kneller, N. Kadosh, A. Barda, I. Azulay
  • Dr. Daniel Leshem
Flying Susita: A Flying Car for Civilian Use

“Flying Susita” is a Flying vehicle planned to carry 4 passengers in it. It reaches cruising speed of 215 km/h, maximum speed of 253 km/h and travel speed of 160 km/h, when in single gas refueling it travels 400 kilometers/flies 600 km.

The vehicle has canards in addition to wings in order to create lift and reduce the wing surface required. When transforming from drive mode to flight mode, both canards and wings opens from boxes placed inside the vehicle using a telescopic mechanism.

In addition, the vehicle carries a single unique fan motor used for both modes, giving us the performance required of the vehicle.
To receive the aerodynamic coefficients, a wind tunnel model was built from plastic (using rapid prototyping) for the open state of the vehicle and experiments were conducted. With these experiments and calculations taken from the VLM software, we evaluated the performance of the vehicle and equipped it with a suitable control system.

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