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The Alumni and Industry Relations Office in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering operates to develop mutual relations between the Faculty and its alumni, as well as business relationships between alumni themselves.

The office views its goal as reaching and maintaining contact with each graduate, to strengthen the linkage between the faculty and its graduates, among the graduate themselves and between the current students and the graduates. Such a connection may give rise to a personal opportunity that will open doors and change lives. Students and new graduates need advice, support and guidance from the more experienced, while senior alumni often wish to locate a new rising star who will integrate into their workplace.

Our graduates are a source of pride and are undoubtedly ground-breakers in many developments in the fields of security, technology and engineering in general. We are pleased to host them in a variety of events, such as Faculty seminars, professional conferences etc., and invite them to give lectures on aspects of their work, join the Faculty as adjunct lecturers, participate in various panels, and more.


Faculty alumni –

You are invited to join our alumni mailing list, faculty’s Facebook page and Alumni LinkedIn group page, through which we will keep in touch and update you regarding all relevant activities at the Faculty.

Your privacy is assured and your personal information will not be distributed outside the Technion!

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