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AUVSI-2015 Project Conclusion and Presentation Event and Participation of the AUVSI-2015 Project Team at UVID/AUVSI

AUVSI-2015 Project Conclusion and Presentation Event and Participation of the AUVSI-2015 Project Team at UVID/AUVSI


On Wednesday, October 28, 2015 the faculty hosted the AUVSI-2015 Project Summary Seminar.

This project is the students’ final project (Project 7/8) at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and was done, for the first time, in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Among the participants in the event were representatives of the industries that supported the project, including: Rafael, Israel Aircraft Industries, Elbit and more. Also Invited to the event were students from the Israeli Air Force Technical School and the ORT school in Kiryat Bialik, and of course, faculty members from both Aerospace and Electrical Engineering and the students involved in this project from the two faculties.

The students in this project developed, planned, built and flew an autonomous airborne system for reconnaissance and aerial photography. The project was presented at an international competition and the team won second place !

Dror Artzi, the project’s supervisor, was also the seminar’s emcee.


Dror opened the evening with a brief description of the project and called Prof. Yaakov Oshman from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Prof. Yoav Schechner from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering to the stage. They congratulated the project, those involved (advisors and students) and the extraordinary achievement of successfully operating the system and winning second place at the competition in the USA.IMG_0724IMG_0732

Following these words of praise, Dror Artzi and Prof. Oshman presented Sagiv Yaari, the head of the project, a Certificate of Appreciation.

Sagiv then went on to give a detailed presentation describing the system and the complex and challenging development process. Team member Shlomi Bouscher helped to describe certain parts of the system. The aircraft and ground station were exhibited on the auditorium stage.IMG_0719IMG_0743


It was a great evening, combining excellent academic and engineering quality with natural and spontaneous excitement of young engineers.


      IMG_0737      IMG_0757

                              IMG_0778      IMG_0777

On November 9, 2015 the AUVSI project team participated in UVID/AUVSI.

באנר כנס UVID 2015

The conference, which is one of the leading conferences in the field of unmanned vehicles and is usually organized by the ISRAEL DEFENSE magazine, was joined this year by the AUVSI organization.

In light of the project’s extraordinary success in the competition in the United States (second place in the world!), the project team was invited by the organizers to introduce the system at the conference.

Participation included the students’ presentation of the entire system, aircraft and ground stations, and a short lecture to the conference’s plenum by the project supervisor, Dror Artzi.  The talk, titled Creating the Next Generation of UAV Engineers, discussed the details of the system and how he “creates” the designers of the future.

At the end of the lecture, the students were also invited to the stage and in a brief ceremony both supervisor and students were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation. The certificate was awarded by Mr. Brett Davis, Vice President of Publications and Marketing AUVSI, Washington, and by the conference organizers.

קבוצת 2015 בכנס UVID-AUVSIParticipating in the conference was a very good experience. The students enthusiastically introduced the system to all booth visitors, met and consulted with all the other presenters, collected material and studied systems that might be integrated into the project in the future, and, of course, heard interesting lectures.

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