Dr. Vitaly Shaferman- New visiting lecturer

Dr. Vitaly Shaferman joined our faculty as a visiting lecturer in August 2020. Vitaly is a graduate of our faculty (BSc Summa Cum Laude in 1995, MA in 2008, and a direct track PhD in 2011). From 2014 to 2016 he was a post-doctoral fellow at the Automation and Control Institute (ACIN) at TU-Wien the Vienna University of Technology. During his studies, Vitaly was awarded an excellence prize from the Wolf Foundation, the Prof. Shmuel and Neomi Merhave prize, the Prof. Arnan Saginer prize, and the Dr. Arie Hillel prize. Vitaly served 25 years in various engineering positions in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and he is a distinguished graduate of the US Air Force Test Pilot School Edwards AFB, California.

Vitaly’s research focuses on Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) of autonomous aerial and space vehicles. During his PhD he studied cooperative tracking and guidance of autonomous aerial vehicles (like missiles and unmanned air vehicles), using optimization techniques, optimal control, differential games, and optimal estimation to optimize the overall team performance. In his Post-doc he developed adaptive control algorithms and theoretically studied their performance and stability. His current research focuses on developing and analyzing algorithms for autonomous spacecraft navigation and planetary entry, descent, and landing, using simplified models combined with optimization techniques, optimal control, and estimation theory.

Dr. Vitaly Shaferman