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Graduation Ceremony 2021

Graduation Ceremony 2021


Warm congratulations to our graduates, aerospace engineers for whom the sky is the starting point.

In an exciting ceremony held in a family atmosphere, our undergraduate students were awarded their BSc diplomas.

The ceremony was moderated by Prof. Daniel Zelazo. Dafna Hershko, the faculty’s undergraduate studies secretary, moderated the awarding of the BSc certificates.  Prof. Daniela Raveh, Deputy Dean, congratulated the graduates on behalf of the faculty.

Prof. Benny Natan, a faculty member specializing in rocket propulsion, and his guitarist friend Makis Haimish, filled the artistic part of the ceremony with talent. The two emigrated from Greece in their youth, studied together in the faculty and at the same time kept singing and playing the music, they brought from Greece.


For all the photos of the ceremony professionally taken by Mark Goldman:

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