Winner of the 2019 Merhav Prize - Liraz Mudrik

The prize commemorating Prof. Shmuel and Noemi Merhav is awarded to graduate students for excellence in studies and research in Aerospace Engineering.

On Monday, June 17, 2019, the prize was awarded to Liraz Mudrik, a MSc student, conducting his research  under the supervision of Prof. Yaakov Oshman.

Prof. Itzchak Frankel, the faculty’s dean, spoke about the late Prof. Merhav and congratulated Liraz Mudrik on his win.

Prof. Frankel opening the 2019 Merhav Prize seminar

Prof. Yaakov Oshman shared memories of Prof. Merhav and stories about Liraz.

Prof. Oshman introducing Liraz Mudrik at the 2019 Merhav Prize seminar

As part of the award ceremony, Liraz gave a seminar entitled: “Estimation-Based Guidance Using Optimal Bayesian Decision”.

The prize was awarded to Mr. Mudrik by Prof. Frankel, together with Prof. Neri Merhav, son of the late Prof. Shmuel and Noemi Merhav.

The 2019 Merhav Prize winner - Liraz Mudrik

Winner of the 2019 Merhav Prize – Liraz Mudrik