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Anna Clarke

Research Fellow

Biographical Data

Anna Clarke received the BSc (summa cum laude) and MSc (cum laude) degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion in 2001 and 2002, PhD in Autonomous Systems and Robotics from the Technion in 2021, and currently is an associate researcher in the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. In the period of 2002-2012 she worked in the control and navigation group in El-Op Electo-Optics Industries, Rehovot, and 2012-present time she is leading the development of control algorithms for autonomous vehicles at Mobileye, Jerusalem.

Main areas of research

  1. Bringing most challenging self-driving projects to students: one of Mobileye’s autonomous vehicles will be dedicated to testing new concepts and algorithms developed during undergraduate projects/ graduate research. This is an opportunity to get hands-on state-of-the-art autonomous public transport technology: control and navigation; localization, mapping, and path planning; evasive maneuvers and obstacle avoidance; defensive driving strategy; deep learning and computer vision.
  2. Continuing the first-of-a-kind research activity she started in 2016 on modeling, simulation, and control of the free-fall stage of skydiving. This is research on human-machine systems: developing Virtual/ Augmented Reality training simulators aiding in mastering body-flight and piloting of RAM-air parachutes. The multidisciplinary nature of this research offers many challenges: in control and estimation theory, motor learning and biomechanics, modeling of complex dynamical systems, computer graphics, and experimental set-ups. All novel concepts are immediately tested: Anna is a professional skydiver with (currently) 1700 jumps, holding a World Record (2018) in Sequential Formation Skydiving (category POPS TBM).


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