Joseph Z. Ben-Asher

Joseph Z. Ben-Asher


(04) 829-3813

Aeronautics 209

1977 – B.Sc. – Aeronautical Engineering, Technion, Israel Ins. of Technology, 1977. 1986 – M.Sc. and Ph.D. – Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech  (VPI&SU), 1986 and 1988, respectively. 1988 – Adjunct Lecturer, Electrical Eng. – Systems, Tel-AvivUniversity. At the Technion since 1998. Full professor in Aerospace Engineering since 2008. Holder of the Lena and Ben Fohrman Chair in Aeronautical Engineering.

Systems engineering, missile guidance, ballistic missile defense, optimization techniques, optimal control theory, flight dynamics and control, flexible structures dynamics and control.