Yuval Dagan

Yuval Dagan

Assistant Professor

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B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion, 2006; B.Sc., Aerospace Engineering, Technion, 2007; Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Technion, 2016; Research Engineer, Aerodynamics Department, RAFAEL, 2007-2017; MIT-Technion Postdoctoral Fellow, Mechnaical Engineering, MIT, 2017-2018; Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Mathematics, MIT, 2019; At the Technion since 2019.

  • Hydrodynamic instability of multiphase flows.
  • Turbulent combustion of liquid fuel sprays and gaseous fuels, and instability of flames. Computational fluid dynamics and large eddy simulations of turbulent combustion.
  • Theoretical and numerical methods in multiphase and multi-material flows.
  • Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs, particle-wave interactions, non-linear propagation of waves.

Open positions

Dagan, Y., Arad, E. and Tambour, Y., 2015. On the dynamics of spray flames in turbulent flows. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute35(2), pp.1657-1665.

Dagan, Y., Arad, E. and Tambour, Y., 2016. The evolution of local instability regions in turbulent non-premixed flames. Journal of Fluid Mechanics803, pp.18-50.

Dagan, Y., Greenberg, J.B. and Katoshevski, D., 2017. Similarity solutions for the evolution of polydisperse droplets in vortex flows. International Journal of Multiphase Flow97, pp.1-9.

Dagan, Y., Katoshevski, D. and Greenberg, J.B., 2018. Similarity solutions for the evolution of unsteady spray diffusion flames in vortex flows. Combustion Science and Technology190(6), pp.1110-1125.

Dagan, Y. and Bar-Kohany, T., 2018. Flame propagation through three-phase methane-hydrate particles. Combustion and Flame193, pp.25-35.

Dagan, Y., Chakroun, N.W., Shanbhogue, S.J. and Ghoniem, A.F., 2019. Role of intermediate temperature kinetics and radical transport in the prediction of leading edge structure of turbulent lean premixed flames. Combustion and Flame207, pp.368-378.