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Benjamin Landkof

Retired Faculty Member

Biographical Data

b. Poland, 1940. B.Sc. Mechanical Eng., Technion – I.I.T., 1962. M.Sc. Materials Eng., Technion – I.I.T., 1970. Ph.D. Applied Mechanics, Univ. of California, Berkeley, 1974. Visiting Prof., Univ. of Calif., Berkeley 1981, 1985, 1989, Mech. Eng. Dept. Visiting Prof., Univ. of British Columbia, Mech. Eng. Dept., 1995. At Technion since 1975. RAFAEL, ADA, 1963-1995. Director of Israel Insitute of Metals, Technion, R&D Foundation 1996-1999.

Main areas of research

Materials for Aircraft and Satellite Structures, Metal Matrix Composites for Airborne Use, Magnesium Applications for Aircraft Design, Metal Joining and Plastic Deformation Technologies, Airborne Electronic Packaging.

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