Tanchum Weller

Tanchum Weller

Professor Emeritus

(04) 829-3810 


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b. Israel 1940. B.Sc., in Aeronautical Eng., Technion 1964. M.Sc., in Aeronautical Eng., Technion, 1967. D.Sc. in Aerospace Eng., Technion 1971. Research Assoc. NASA Langley R.C., 1972-74. Senior Research Assoc. NASA Langley, R.C., 1980-81 and 1986-87. At Technion since 1964. Professor and Dean, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering.

Stress analysis, structural dynamics; static and dynamic instability of composite and metal structures – elastic and inelastic; design of advanced composite structures; stress, stability and dynamic response analyses of modern marine structures; nondestructive techniques (NDT) in structures; stress analysis, dynamic response and control of flexible large space structures (LSS); Smart intelligent structural systems; fuzzy logic control of adaptive structures.