Selected Topics in Designing a Small Jet Engine

S. Stankowski, D. Katz, E. Yakirevich, D. Morgulis and A. Elberg
Prof. Yeshayahou Levy
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A jet engine has been designed based on a list of requirements from the client.
The main if which were: the limitation on the exterior diameter that shall not exceed 210 mm, a minimal thrust of 845 N and a maximum specific fuel consumption
of 0.12236 kg/(N×

The principles of operation of an arched diffuser have been studied and understood resulting in a design of such a diffuser.

 An annular direct flow combustion chamber has been designed while maintaining existing combustion parameters to assure a stable burning process with high efficiency and good performance.

 A mainframe and an exhaust nozzle have been designed to meet both structure and thrust requirements specified by the client.

Selected Topics in Designing a Small Jet Engine