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Master’s Studies without a Thesis

Master’s Studies without a Thesis


Each graduate student will be assigned to an advisor whose authorization will be required for course registration and all other matters pertaining to the study program.

Study Program

The program requires accumulating 40 credits, 34 of which from course work with the other 6 from a final project.

Starting October 2021, all non-thesis track students will be required to study one Mathematical course of the list .

within the first 3 semesters.

Students are required to accumulate at least 6 compulsory credits during the first 3 semesters, and to choose a main field in which the final project will be carried out and in which at least 15 credits will be attained. In addition, students may take at most 9 credits in other Faculties (subject to approval by the advisor) with the remaining credits from courses offered by the Faculty itself (courses with numbers beginning with 086 or 088), see ME program form.

Final project

The project involves the students own work and a written manuscript. If possible, a lecture will also be given. The project should reflect some independent thought or a synthesis of a number of fields, or a critical literature review. In the latter case the student will be expected to cover a significant amount of material which will be summarized and submitted as a written document. An industrial project is possible but more academic or basic subjects are also acceptable. The project should require a total of about 250 hours work and is worth 6 credits. It should not need to cover more than one semester.

Supervision of the final project

Supervision of the final project will be carried out by Faculty members.


Finalizing your degree

The process of finalizing the ME degree is in two stages:

(a)    The first stage is through the Faculty office for Advanced Degrees:

Once you have accumulated all the credits towards the degree and all grades have been updated on your transcript (including the grade for your project), please bring me the following:

1.       Your completed personal details form (please do NOT fill it in by hand)

2.       The first page of your final work (its title should appear in Hebrew). If the work was carried out together other students please specify how it was distributed between you and the other participants.

3.       The completed Study Program form, signed by the director of the ME program.

In addition, you should ask for authorization from the Elyashar Central Library that you are not in possession of any books that need to be returned. To do this you should send a message to email: or contact the library by telephone 04-8292504. The authorization will be automatically transferred to the Graduation office of the Graduate School.

(b)   All the above necessary material will be sent to the Graduation office of the Graduate School.

Important dates during studying (registration, cancellations, requests for vacation etc.)

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