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M.Sc. Studies with a Thesis

M.Sc. Studies with a Thesis

The goal of the Master’s program is to expand the student’s knowledge, in the field of aeronautics and aerospace, to a higher level than acquired at the undergraduate level, and to provide training in research methods.


Track Research/project/final dissertation credits Course credits Total*
Research 20 20 40
Project 20 20 40
Final dissertation 12 28 40

*This does not include any prerequisites that might be necessary.

Starting October 2021, all thesis track students will be required to study one Mathematical course of the list herein ‘ within their first two semesters.

Students must attend the Faculty’s seminars.

Research or project

The objective of the research towards a Master’s degree (totaling 20 credits) is to impart to the student advanced research and development methods. The objective of the project (totaling 20 credits) is to train the student in advanced engineering design methods. The research or project can develop in different ways depending on the student’s area of specialization. It can be theoretical, computational, experimental or a combination thereof. It can deal with a general problem or a specific engineering problem (see Graduate School regulation 27).

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Final dissertation

The objective of the final dissertation (totaling 12 credits) is to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the Master’s studies (see Graduate School regulation 28).

The Faculty requires all internal students (who receive a fellowship) to submit a research proposal together with his/her permanent Faculty advisor within three months after commencing graduate studies.

Additional information see details at the site of the Graduate School

Important dates during studying (registration, cancellations, requests for vacation etc.)

Instructions on writing a research proposal for advanced degrees

Instructions on writing and the form of a final thesis/dissertation

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