Open day for Graduate Studies

Library Classroom (no. 165)

On April 10th the Aerospace Engineering faculty will hold an “open day” for graduate studies (M.Sc. and Ph.D.). First and second degrees students from the Technion and other universities are invited to attend. Graduate students from the AE faculty will be available as “guides”, and faculty members will also take part in the day.


11:00 gathering
11:15 Words from the Dean
11:30 Words from the Graduate Students Representatives
11:45 Presentation of the Graduate Studies Center
12:15 Q&A
12:45 A light lunch
13:30 Visits to the faculty labs, personal talks with faculty members etc.

For further information, please contact Ms. Shula Pachter, Graduate Studies Office of the Aerospace Engineering faculty, phone: 04-8293365

We look forward to seeing you!

Open Day for Graduate Studies