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Graduate Studies Research-Day
The ramjet engine is an air-breathing engine that operates without the need of moving parts. This type of engine constitutes
State estimation in dynamical systems with randomly switching coefficients is an important problem with a variety of applications. The most commonly
Engineering design is a highly complex cognitive process of solving problems by developing new solutions and products. In the past
We explore the physics behind high-throughput devices for the production of monodisperse microdroplets. Microdroplets are used more and more in
One of the defense methods against ballistic missiles threat is to intercept them at the mid-course phase, which is a
The rapidly-exploring random tree (RRT) method was designed for guidance of a robotic vehicle by performing a random sampling search
Flying insects can perform a wide array of extreme aerial maneuvers with exquisite accuracy and robustness, outmaneuvering any man-made flying
During atmospheric re-entry at hypersonic speed or at very high speed flight in the atmosphere, vehicles experience extremely high thermal
The purpose of the one hour talk is to show why I believe the missile guidance and control field is
A methodology for measuring the interface fracture toughness of a crack between two isotropic, homogeneous materials and a delamination between
The aero-optic effect is a major topic of interest due to its relevance in various applications, which involve interactions between
Trophy is an Active Protection System for ground vehicles (APS). First we’ll define what active protection is and what APS
Sea Lion Swimming: The main objective of this research is to explore a mechanism for underwater propulsion that leaves little traceable
The reduction of aeroacoustic noise is a major engineering challenge that affects a wide range of industries from air transport
Trailing edge noise is identified as a major component of airframe noise, particularly during airplanes approach for landing, when extensive
In recent years, active flow control (AFC) has become a new branch in fluid mechanics. The long term goal of
In optimization theories the difference (distance) between the optimal and actual case is called loss. These set of talks introduces
Optimization of the design loss The optimization of the design loss results in selecting the fastest reference models under the
In the previous lectures an interesting new approach based on the special decomposition of the sensitivity function was introduced and
Today, more than ever before, the necessity of producing low emissions gas turbines is of paramount importance. Reducing the emission
Thin layers appear in many applications in the field of aerospace engineering. Examples include external thin coatings of bare panels