The 15th Israeli Symposium on Jet Engines & Gas Turbines


This year, as in the previous years, we plan to hold the Israeli Symposium on Jet Engines and Gas Turbines. During the last few years there has seen a considerable expansion of activities in Isreal in turbo jet propulsion. This is in addition to the serial production of small engines, increased electricty generation using gas turbines and combined cycles, production of various engines’ spare parts and maintenance work. In Israel, many bodies are active in jet engines and gas turbine area, including: MAFAT (MoD), IAF, Israel Navy, EL-AL, IAI, Beit Shemesh Engines, RAFAEL, TAAS, ORMAT, Israel Electric Corporation, R-Jet & Becker Engineering, the Technion and more.

Improved engineering & technological innovations and new projects in Israel calls for continued professional meetings; for the exchange of information, for cross-pollination and for creating a fertile seedbed for cooperation. During the previous 14 symposia, in every one, more than hundred scientists and propulsion engineers met and presented their work from the various industries, the MoD and Academia. These symposia were a success, wetting the appetite for more such meetings.

The 15th symposium is already a mature and established symposium. It will include invited introductory lectures on selected subjects (from large engine manufacturers and Academia). In addition, there will also be presentations that concern activities in different Israeli industrial firms, institutes and universities as well as an open discussion and, upon request, a tour to the faculty’s renovated Turbo and Jet Engine laboratory. This will also be a good opportunity for professional meetings, exchange of ideas and presentation of jet engine models and products from various companies.

During the symposium there will be an opportunity to discuss all topics relevant to jet engines and gas turbines, including innovative cycles, aerodynamics of turbo-machines, combustion, heat transfer, structures and dynamics, simulations, control, production processes and maintenance, combined cycles and more. Preference will be given to subjects of interest in Israel.

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The 15th Israeli Symposium on Jet Engines & Gas Turbines