A toast in honor of the new PhD graduates, 2018

On Monday, 28.5.18, the faculty celebrated the graduation of its PhD degree students, who have received their diplomas later that day.

The 10 new PhD Graduates, 28/5/2018

The new doctors, together with their family members and their advisers, gathered in the faculty’s meeting room, where Prof. Pini Gurfil, the coordinator of graduate studies in the faculty, congratulated the graduates and wished them all the best in their future endeavors.

Prof. Pini Gurfil speaking at the PhD Students' Graduation celebration, 28/5/2018

These are the new graduates:

Aaron Joseph Friedman
Igal Gluzman
Shmuel Yonatan Hayoun
Gershon Kats
Daniel Kutikov
Maital Levy
Alon Lidor
Yoash Mor
Sonya Tiomkin
Noam Weinberg
Gil Weisbrod

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is proud of its graduates and wishes them all the very best of luck!

A toast in honor of the new PhD graduates, 2018