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Parametric Investigation of Aluminum, Tungsten and Fluor-Polymer Mixtures

Parametric Investigation of Aluminum, Tungsten and Fluor-Polymer Mixtures

Monday 22/05/2017
  • Hila Shaltieli
  • Work towards MSc degree under the supervision of Prof. Emeritus Alon Gany
  • Classroom 165, ground floor, Library, Aerospace Eng.
  • The Interdisciplinary Program of Design and Manufacturing Management, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering,
  • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
  • The talk will be given in Hebrew

The Reactive materials under study are solids mixtures of Aluminum, Tungsten and different types of Fluor-Polymer powders. The metal powders used as the fuel and the Fluor- Polymers as oxidizers of the mixtures. The Energy release potential of Aluminum / Fluor- Polymer mixture is very significant. Indeed, under certain conditions, provided that the polymer chain starts to brake, an exothermic reaction between the reactants produces a great amount of heat, gases and solid particles residues. The main issues in the lecture will be the ignition characteristics as well as thermal and output performance of the mixtures. In order to examine these parameters, different types of mixtures were prepared and a variety of measurements and comparative experiments were conducted. The research included thermal and calorimetric analyses performed in three different instruments, and different experiments to examine the ignition reaction, among them open burning and closed vessel experiments.

Light refreshments will be served before the lecture
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