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The Graduated Aeronautical Engineer and the Aircraft MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul)
The MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) principles for the Graduated Aeronautical Engineers are essential. The design engineers should consider two issues
In many civil and military missions unmanned vehicles may be expected to cooperate with each other and act as a
Understanding the spray ignition process is of utmost importance due to the fact that modern combustors in aircraft need to
The need to reduce the size of large discrete models is a reoccurring theme in computational mechanics in recent years.
In recent years, there has been a tremendous growth in the unmanned aerial system market, for various operational requirements and
There are two main approaches to design autopilot and guidance systems: “Single-Loop” and “Two-Loop”. In the “Single-Loop” approach there is
We investigate autonomous navigation and target tracking in unknown or uncertain environments, which have become core capabilities in numerous robotics
During the last decades the use of micro-air vehicles (MAV) in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions has grown significantly. These
Belief space planning (BSP) and perception are fundamental problems in robotics and artificial intelligence, with applications including autonomous navigation and active
Hydrogen is considered to be the fuel of the future due to its environmental friendly reaction products, only water, and
In a jet spray flame a jet of liquid fuel spray emerges from a small orifice of a burner into
During the course of this research, a cooperative interception scenario between multiple maneuvering targets, missiles defending said targets (’defenders’), and
The research deals with the feasibility of an early start of a ramjet air intake using CFD analysis. For this
There are several scenarios where shock waves impinge on porous media. Each of these scenarios requires different numerical and experimental
The application of novel plasma devices has shown promise for the enhancement of ignition and flame-holding in combustion systems. However,
In this talk we discuss the regularity conditions required for the classical Cram´er-Rao lower bound (CRLB) for real-valued (nonrandom unknown) parameters to
The SPALO is a new class of solid propellants, augmented by storable liquid oxidizers. Their structure is similar to conventional
An emerging goal within the aviation industry is to replace conventional jet fuel with alternative fuel sources. However, the combustion
The futuristic concept of civil autonomous aerial refueling using the Boom-Receptacle system, demands new operational paradigms. Requirements, such as passenger
Belief space planning (BSP) is a fundamental problem in robotics and artificial intelligence, with applications including autonomous driving, sensor deployment
Flow control has emerged as an enabling technology to improve vehicles’ performance.  It involves passive and active devices to affect